How to Be Successful in Life

How to Be Successful in Life

How to Be Successful in Life

How to be successful in life? Today, I am writing a slightly different article. I’m just trying to get you motivated. Life is a wonderful thing. Things that we didn’t expect happening in this life. Some of those things make us happy. But some things can make us sad. Certain things make us feel bad. Then we’ll get tired of life. But what I’m going to do today is give you some valuable advice on how to make your life a better life. Here’s How to Be Successful In Life. Let us turn to the article.

You’ve heard of someone called Jack Ma. If you don’t know him, I’ll tell you about him. Jack ma is a Chinese person and also, he is a Chinese business magnate, investor and politician. He is now 55 years old. One more thing, he is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group. We can take many examples from him. So today, I am going to tell you his valuable advice. So, Sir Jack Ma deserves the full thanks for this article. Then we turn to his advice.

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Advice of Mr. Jack Ma

My advice to the young people, twenty-five years old, we make enough mistakes. But don’t worry. You fall and you stand up. You fall, you stand up. Enjoy it, I mean, if you have twenty-five years old enjoy the show. Just enjoy the show. From thirty to forty years old, you have to think very clearly were you working yourself. If you really want to be an entrepreneur, so forty to fifty think about how you can focus on things that you’re good at. But when you have fifty to sixty years old work for young people. Because young people can do it better than you. So rely on them, invest in them and making them’re good. So twenty-five years old, don’t worry. Any mistakes are income is a wonderful revenue for you.

In the future, it’s not about the competition of knowledge. It’s the competition of creativity. It’s a competition of imagination. It’s a competition for learning. It’s a competition of independent thinking. If you think like a machine, the problem will come. In the past 20 years will make people like a machine. In the next 20 years, the machine will look like people. So in the future, it’s not knowledge-driven, it’s the wisdom driven. It’s experience-driven. In the past is knowledge-driven and it’s the manufacturing-driven. And in the future is the creativity-driven.

I think in the next 30, years the world is going to change a lot. The new technology is going to change every aspect of the world. So this is what we think. The world should be focusing on not only the IQ and EQ. But also focus on LQ the Quotient of love. Because only when you cared for the others, only when you care for the others that succeed, and more successful than you are. You have the chance. Ten years ago the internet was so good. When nobody believed the internet was so good. Now the internet is so tough. Because all the smart people go to the Internet. So, you should go to the off ground.

I fail for… Funny things that, I fail, a key primary school test two times. And I fail like three times for the middle school, to go to middle schools. No I tried… There is an examination that young people, if you want to go to University you have to take the examinations. So, I fail three times. When I graduated from university, and before I… for three years I, tired, and I failed in the universities. So, I applied jobs for 30 times, got rejected. I went for the police, and they say, No, you’re not good. I went, even the KFC when KFC came to China. 24 people went for the job. 23 people were accepted. I was the only guy. And we went for the police, five people, four of them accepted. I was the only guy they’re not receiving. To me, being turned down, then rejected. Oh, by the way, I told you that I applied for Harvard for ten times, then rejected.

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That’s a little from his life story. Never give up is his best example. No matter how many places he refused, he never gave up. He worked hard. He never fell. This is the best example we can take from his speech. Whatever you reject, don’t give up. Work hard. Have faith in yourself. Make your own target. Work hard for that target. You can win life. Believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, there is no one in the world who can defeat you. All that is required is trust and hard work.

So if you learned something in this article, comment about it. Do you have a target now? How’s achieve that target? Are you working hard toward your goal? Comment below with all your ideas. Now you know how to be successful in life. I wish you all the best.

Thank you, Mr. Jack Ma, for your advice!


  1. I have seen many successful people give a similiar pep talk. All their hard work and faith in themselves to keep trying was the key. Many failures along the way but just keep going.

  2. Hi my sweet friend today I saw and read your article sec this is so good why because every body’s need like it’s article so I appreciated You may you live long


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