How to Fix AdSense “We’re reviewing your site” Error


How to Fix AdSense “We’re reviewing your site” Error

How to Fix AdSense “We’re reviewing your site” error? My AdSense account was approved. But when I go to the account, it still says, “We’re reviewing your site.” How to fix it? Why is Error coming here? This is a common question that some people get after AdSense approved. AdSense Approved, but when you go to the account it says, “We’re reviewing your site.” But in an email, we were informed that the account is approved.

We're reviewing your site

What does this really mean? Does this mean that the AdSense account has been approved? Or is it that the AdSense account is not yet approved? So let’s see why they are still saying “We’re reviewing your site” that even after the account has been approved.

Why is Error coming here?

This is not really a matter of concern to you. Your AdSense account has already been approved as well as. But it’s going to take a little while for everything to end. That’s why when you log in to your AdSense account, but it still shows as “We’re reviewing your site.” Once all the work is done, Google will notify you again by email as “Your site is now ready to serve AdSense ads.” You only have to wait until then. This can take as little as 12 hours or a day to notify you by email. Often it can take up to 48 hours. I cannot say for certain how long it will take. But you’ll definitely be notified by email when it’s all over. Until then, wait for yourself.

Many people think this is an error. But this is not an error of any kind. It’s just normal. So, I end my letter by greeting you all. Congratulations to all of you who joined AdSense. This is a great place to start earning your creative potential.

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