How to Optimize RAM/Memory for Best Gaming Performance


How to Optimize RAM/Memory for Best Gaming Performance

How to optimize RAM/Memory for best gaming performance? Today I’m going to tell you how to optimize your PC RAM, and Memory. So most of the people problem is fps drops while playing games. It is a common problem that many people suffer. Maybe they got good PC or low-end PC but no matter everyone can do this tutorial and optimize RAM/Memory for best gaming performance.

So I will explain some of the things about this tutorial. There are many things that can ruin your gaming performance. I will give you an example.


This is the main thing, you should check. Besides if you think your PC has viruses then you should scan your PC and remove them. there are many softwares that you can use to do it so I’m not talking much about it in this article but you should make sure your PC is safe unless your PC will get slower.

So How to Optimize RAM/Memory?
  1. First of all, you should go to Control Panel & System and Security & System.

My Computer

Here you can see your computer Information Ram, Processor, etc.

  1. Now go to ”Advanced system settings & Performance Settings.”

System Properties

3. Now choose “Adjust for best performance”

Performance Options

If you don’t like what it is like After you tick “Adjust for best performance” then you can simply customize them as you want.

  1. Then go to ”Advanced” tick to Background Services. After that, go to ”Change.”

Perfomance Options Programs

5. Go to ”Custom size”. Now you should multiply your RAM size with 1024. Mine 6GB RAM 6*1024 = 6144. Calculate your ram size to MB then put it like below SS then click Set.

Virtual Memory

6. Restart (Reboot) Your PC

Now it is done. However, feel the Differences enjoy the best gaming performance.

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