Input Devices


Input devices

There are plenty of Input Devices in the world. Input devices allow you to input information to the computer and include things such as the keyboard mouse, scanner etc.

E.g :-

  1. The Mouse
  2. The Keyboard
  3. Tracker Ball
  4. Scanner
  5. Touch Pad
  6. Light Pen
  7. Joystick
  8. Voice input for PCs (Microphones)
  9. Web Cam
  10. Digital Camera

(1) The Mouse

The mouse came into common use on a PC with the introduction of the Microsoft Windows operating system. There are many different types of mice, a commonly used model now has a small wheel on it which when combined with the correct software allows additional functionally and fine control over the use of your applications.

(2) The Keyboard

The keyboard is the commonest way of entering information in to a computer. There are many different types. Including those specially designed for use With Microsoft Windows. The quality of the keyboard is often overlooked when buying a PC’ it should be robust and easy to use.

(3) Tracker Ball

A tracker ball is an alternative to the traditional mouse and favored by graphic designers. Tracker balls often give much finer control over the movement of the items on the screen. They may take a while to get used to if you are used to the traditional mouse, but offer a lot in terms of added flexibility.

(4) Scanner

A scanner allows you to scan printed material and convert it into a file format that may be used within the PC. In addition, you can scan the printed text and convert this not just to a picture of the text but also to, actual text that can be manipulated and edited as text within your word processor. There are a number of specialist programs, generally called OCR (optical Character Recognition) programs that are specifically designed for converting a printed text into editable text within your applications.

(5) Touch Pad

A touch pad is a desktop device and responds to pressure. Used in conjunction with a special pen they can be used by graphic artists wishing to create original, digital art work. They are also used in laptops as the mouse.

(6) Light Pen

A light pen is used to allow users to point to areas on a screen and often used to select menu choices.

(7) Joystick

Many games require a joystick for the proper playing of the game. There are many different types, the more sophisticated respond to movement in 3 axis directions, as well as having a number of configurable buttons.

(8) Voice input for PCs (Microphones)

Early voice recognition systems offered very poor results, due to the limitations of the software combined with hardware limitations. It takes an awful lot of CPU processing power to convert the spoken word into text that appears on the screen. Things are changing rapidly however the recent systems allow you to talk to a PC and see text appear on the screen. Most of these systems require an initial training period, where you train the software to respond to your particular voice. While still not perfect this is a key technology of the future.

(9) Web Cam

Ever since it was invented. The web has become increasingly interactive. You can use a small digital movie camera (a web cam) mounted on a PC two-way communication involving not just text communication but Video communication as well. While not yet considered a standard of PC kit, it is only matter of time.

(10) Digital Camera

The images which are taken using a Digital camera are stored digitally in memory housed within the camera. These pictures can easily be transferred to your computer and then manipulated within any graphics programs that you have installed in your computer.


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