President Trump is Beginning to Travel Again

President Trump is Beginning to Travel Again

President Trump is Beginning to Travel Again

USA president Donald Trump is beginning to travel again, after five-six weeks of quarantine in the White House. It means President Donald Trump is back to normal. But the rest of the country still not.

We wish that were the case because USA president Donald Trump has a very special privilege that is allowing him to travel around and not just get out of Washington, but we have all seen the pictures of him going into this factory without a mask. The people with him, his aids do not have a mask. He went to this Honeywell factory. Honeywell executives did not have masks. So, are they just stupid or they have some superpowers that we don’t know about?

President Trump gets a coronavirus test every day

So, they actually have some superpowers, because what we are learning is that President Trump gets a coronavirus test every day now. People around him get a coronavirus test every day. And the people of the Honeywell executives at that factory, they also got a coronavirus test before president Donald Trump showed up.

So, all these people were allowed to huddle in close into in with each other because everybody knew they did none of them had the coronavirus. There was nobody who was going to infect somebody else. This is really important because this is how to get the whole rest of the country open. This is what public health experts have been talking about when they say we need to massively scale up the testing, and the roadmap to reopening with a high level of confidence is to have frequent testing, perhaps once a week for every employee who goes back to work, perhaps even more frequent than that so that you will know pretty much in real-time who has the virus and who doesn’t.

At the moment, not very many people have this capability. But President Donald Trump does. This is President Donald Trump famously saying this is up to the states to do this kind of testing. So, as a result, we are going to have a national re-opening much slower and perhaps much riskier than it would be if the government in Washington was on the ball and was doing something about this.

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