Why Can’t You Win

Why Cant You Win
Why can’t you win?

Why can’t you win? I’m going to talk about this topic today. Why can’t we win, when we can work? So, I thought I’d write this post to make you feel better today. I just want to motivate you. So read this article to the heart. Then read what I tell you with great care. So let’s move onto the motivation article.

Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself. There’s a good chance that all you’ve ever been told or made to feel in your life, so far, is that you can’t do that. Every time you even dare to dream your life can be better you were shot down or laughed at made to feel small to feel useless made to feel like an idiot for even thinking you could be more. All of us have had these moments in our life where just at that point we thought, it was possible a massive shadow of doubt was following us. Normally watch someone close to us. All you’ve ever done when you thought about that thing that you want is pitch all the hard work. It’ll take to get there you paint such a negative picture in your mind of all this pain in your mind of all this pain that your brain does everything it’s supposed to it keeps you safe and avoids the pain. Because of this picture you I’ll paint in your brain will be associated pain with that thing you want and do everything in its power to avoid it.

Never Give Up

When you think it’s not going to be possible, and you’re going to fail your brain fixes this appointment which is pain, and it avoids it. When you think it’s going to be hard work, it’s to take ages your brain thinks pay and avoids it. The first thing you’ve got to do to get what you want is to believe that you can. Believe it’s possible for you to have it and if there’s someone out there that has done it or got what you want one of avoiding possible for you.

We are all born with the same amount of time in a day and anything that they can do, you can do to believe that you can and once you want something and believe you if you get it you’ve got to block out all the noise around you. That’s going to tell you, you can’t do it. Don’t listen to them. Just believe that you can.

The next thing you got to start to do is focusing all the good that will happen when you get what you want. Not all this you got to go through to get there. Focus on how your life will be better and what your life will look like when you get what you want. Focus on all it in your life now and how getting what you want will get away from that. You do this and your brain will think that by helping you get what you want you are moving away from pain and towards pleasure. You can do anything you want in this life. Anything at all. But you are gotta believe as possible and work your ass off getting it.

So if you learned something in this article, comment about it. Are you working hard toward your goal? Comment below with all your ideas. Now you know how to be successful in life. I wish you all the best.

Never Give Up


  1. This is a sad fact but it seems most of your negative criticism will come from your own family and friends. Whoever it is holding you back because of petty jealousy just focus on your goal. Do whatever you want to do and keep it to yourself if that’s the way to achieve your goals.


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